Privacy Policy

Identity of person responsible for the data Geijo&Associates SLP, is the owner and administrator of the domain name ( the “Web” or the “Website”).

To contact the Owner, please do so at the following email address

2. Access and browsing of this website

Visiting and browsing this Website does not mean data is automatically recorded to identify users by name (the “Users“).

However, certain information is stored on the Owner’s systems (e.g., type of Internet browser, operating system, IP address from which you are accessing the web pages) with the aim of improving the user’s browser experience and to manage the Website itself. The Website may also use cookies and similar technologies whose use is subject to the Users’ consent in accordance with the Cookies Policy. For more information, please consult our Cookies Policy.

In order to use particular services on this Website, the Owner can request certain personal data from the User (usually a first name, last name, e-mail, company, position and professional contact details). In these cases, the Owner will provide the user with the necessary information about the treatment of their data, before proceeding to use it.

3. User acceptance and identification

By accessing and browsing this Website, the User acknowledges that they have read and understood this Legal Notice and the Terms of Use as well as our Privacy and Cookies Policy and expressly consents to its application when browsing this Website.

Through its Website the Owner can offer payment services, subject to contractual conditions of which the User will be informed in each specific case.

The User must always identify themselves with their personal email address.

The User guarantees the Owner and third parties the quality of the information provided, that is to say, that the data and information provided is real, accurate, up-to-date and also belongs to the User and not to any third parties. The User shall be responsible for the truthfulness of the personal data provided and shall hold the Owner harmless against claims by third parties, or with regard to fines or compensation for damages that they could suffer in the event of a breach.

In accordance with the legislation in force in Spain, in order to be able to use the Website, the User must be at least 18 years old, or have the permission of their parents and/or legal guardians if they are over 14 years of age and under 18. Therefore, by accepting this Privacy Policy, the User guarantees that they are of legal age or have the abovementioned parental permission to register with the Owner, and are entirely liable for this statement.

4. Purpose of the data processing

The Users’ personal data shall be collected and treated with the purpose of managing its relationship with the Owner. This information is used to contact the User within the framework of the professional relationship, for sending legal publications (briefings, newsletters, etc.), for sending invitations to events and/or for the communication of the firm’s activities.

Your personal data will be collected and handled, where necessary, to manage your candidacy in recruitment processes or to respond to inquiries made through the Website, as appropriate.

5. Standing

The legal grounds for the handling of the data is the contractual relationship for the provision of the service requested, the legitimate interest in the maintenance of the existing relationship and/or, in certain cases (presentation of candidacy, sending legal publications, communications of activities or invitations to events), and consent.

6. Duration

the Owner will collect and handle the User’s data on the basis of the purpose for which they have been collected:

(i) When we deal with your data to manage the contractual relationship, we will retain the data while the relationship continues.

(ii) In order to manage our recruitment process, we will handle the data you provide us with during 3 years from the date on which you sent your job application.

(iii) When we handle your data for sending communications, legal publications, activities or invitations to events, we will retain your information until you remove your consent for this purpose.

(iv) When you submit a query through our website, we will handle your data during the time required to manage and resolve the query.

7. Data reporting

The Owner will not communicate the data collected to third parties, except when strictly necessary in order to manage and maintain the relationship with the Owner or with prior authorization by the User.

8. Security

In relation to the personal data collected, the Owner has adopted and shall adopt the necessary technical and organizational measures to ensure its protection and avoid its alteration, loss, handling, and/or unauthorized access, taking into account the fast-moving nature of technology, the nature of the data stored and the risks to which they are exposed, in compliance with applicable regulations.

9. Users’ rights

Users have the right to exercise at all times, under the terms provided in the current legislation, the rights of access, rectification or deletion of data, as well as to request a limit on handling the data, or opposing or requesting the portability of your data.

In addition, the Users will be able to revoke the consent given at any time.

The rights expressed may be exercised by e-mail to the address, providing a copy of your passport or equivalent document.

In addition, we inform you that you may also contact the Spanish Data Protection Agency ( to request their advice or to bring a claim in relation to the handling of your personal data.

10. Applicable law and jurisdiction

The relationship between the Owner and the User shall be governed by Spanish legislation.

Any dispute shall be submitted to the Courts of Valencia.